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Decree No. 1878 of 2004 relative to fishing in marine waters.

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This Decree regulates a wide variety of matters relating to, among other things, marine fisheries, use of gear, the conservation of fish stocks, fishing vessels and the protection of the coral reef. The Decree shall apply to all fishing in the sea with the exception of fishing for anadromous salmon species.
The Decree regulates the use of gear for specified fishing methods; prescribes mesh size; places restrictions on trawl fishing and use of line and nets; prescribes protection periods for specified fish species; lays down rules for bycatch in fishing in the Skagerrak; makes provision with respect of minimum size of fish allowed to be caught; prohibits the return to the sea of fish; specifies standards for sorting grids; regulates the access to fishing within the 12 nautical miles zone; prohibits fishing near the coral reef; prescribes certain marking requirements for fishing vessels and fishing gear; regulates catch of fish that should stay alive; requires health control of fish; defines powers of Directorate of Fisheries; and indicates provisions that apply to offences. Chapter XIV - Vessels equipped with ice water or RSW tanks shall carry documents on board showing the calibration of the tanks in cubic meters at 10 cm intervals. These documents shall be approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and must be drawn up in accordance with its regulations. Vessels landing in a foreign port shall issue documents in Norwegian and in English. Foreign vessels shall ensure the documents are approved by competent maritime authorities of the country concerned. The Directorate of Fisheries may in special cases grant exemptions from document submitting duties. Calibration documents shall be requested by the control authorities indicated in the Saltwater Fishing Act s Chapter IX. The Decree also concerns joint fishing operations and the landing and transshipment of fish caught in such operations.
The Decree consists of XIX Chapters and 6 Appendices: I - Scope (Art. 1) ; II - Mesh design and size in trawls and seines (art. 2-6); III - Selection in trawls and seines (art. 7-13); IV - Restrictions on the use of trawls and seines (art. 14-18); V - Restrictions on the use of nets, lines and traps (art. 19- 33e), Va - Restrictions on fishing within inlet lines (art. 33f-g); Vb - Joint fishing operations and gathering of pelagic catches (art. 33h-l); VI - Prohibition of fishing certain species at certain periods (art. 34-35a); VII - Bycatch when fishing outside the Skagerrak (art. 36-40); VIII - Bycatch when fishing in the Skagerrak (art. 41-42); IX - Minimum size and measures to limit catches of undersized fish (art. 43-47); X - Prohibition on throwing at sea (art. 48-52); XI - Prohibition to operate trawling beyond 12 nautical miles (trawling zones and flexible areas) (art. 53-57); XII - Access to operate trawling within 12 nautical miles (from the coastlines off the Norwegian mainland (art. 58-65); XIII - Protection of coral reefs (art. 66); XIV - Tank calibration documents and cargo load (art. 67-68); XV - Retro reflecting markings on fishing vessels (art. 69-72); XVI - Marking of fishing gear (art. 73-77); XVII - Loss of vehicle and rules on harvest zone (art. 78-84); XVIII - Catch of fish to be kept alive, recovery and temporary storage (art. 85-97); XIX - Regulatory powers, violation fines, penalties and entry into force (art. 98-101).
Appendix 1 - Specifications for the design and assembly of square mesh bag seine.
Appendix 2 - Norwegian Maritime Authority guidelines for assembly tables of RSW tanks in Norwegian fishing vessels.
Appendix 3 - Cargohold Certificate Form.
Appendix 4 - Coastal cod regulation - area restrictions.
Appendix 5 - Lines within inlet lines.
Appendix 6 - Description of catch limits system for seines.
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Consolidated version as amended last by Decree No. 2094 of 2019.
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Forskrift om ut velse av fisket i sj en.