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Regulation No. 3910 on fishing, catching and harvesting of wild marine resources (the harvesting regulation).

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This Regulation, adopted by the Ministry of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, applies to the harvesting of wild marine resources, with the exception of anadromous salmonids. It applies to Norwegian and foreign vessels in Norway's economic zone, in the fishing area near Jan Mayen, in the protected fishing area near Svalbard, in Norway's territorial waters, and on the Norwegian continental shelf. For Norwegian vessels, the regulation also applies outside of these areas, as long as it does not conflict with another state's jurisdiction. The Regulation contains 77 articles organized in the following chapters: I. Scope of application; II. Mesh design and mesh size in trawls and purse seines; III. Selectivity in trawls and purse seines; IV. Restrictions on the use of trawls and purse seines; V. Restrictions on the use of nets, traps, lines, pots and creels; VI. Restrictions on fishing and catching within the fjord lines; VII. Joint fishing and joint transportation of pelagic catches; VIII. Prohibition on fishing certain species in certain periods; IX. Bycatch; X. Minimum size limits and measures to limit the catch of fish below the minimum size; XI. Prohibition on discarding and grinding; XII. Restrictions on fishing in certain areas; XIII. Access to trawl fishing within 12 nautical miles from the baselines outside the Norwegian mainland; XIV. Calibration documents and cargo hold measurements; XV. Marking of fishing gear and storage devices; XVI. Loss of gear and order on fishing grounds; XVII. Authorization, penalty for violations, punishment, and entry into force.
The Regulation contains detailed rules on fishing gear and methods; a prohibition to use devices or have a construction of trawls and seines that reduces the selectivity in the gear; a prohibition to have on deck gear, parts of gear, and equipment that do not meet the requirements for minimum mesh size, design, and equipment on the gear for the fishing vessel's operation; a ban on the use of nets (garn) in the Skagerrak; reporting obligations when using fixed gear and buoy lines; an obligation to have escape openings and escape hatches in traps; a ban on the use of fyke nets/traps; requirements for registration and number of vessels in a joint fishing group; rules concerning closed areas to limit the catch of fish below minimum size; an obligation to land all caught fish; a prohibition to fish the species listed in article 47 that do not meet minimum fish sizes; a prohibition to fish in areas belonging to the protected fishing area around Svalbard and Svalbard's territorial waters; the obligation for fishing gear that is left in the sea to have at least one buoy (blow-up, float, or buoy) that is clearly marked with the vessel's registration number; etc.
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Updated version as last amended by Regulation No. 273 of 29 February 2023.
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FOR-2021-12-23-3910: Forskrift om gjennomf ring av fiske, fangst og h sting av viltlevende marine ressurser (h stingsforskriften).