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Regulation No. 959 concerning the generation, conversion, transmission, trading, distribution and use of energy etc. (Energy Act Regulations).

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These Regulations implement provisions of the Energy Act with respect to planning, construction and operation of installations for the generation, conversion, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, thermal energy generated in district heating and district cooling plants and also with respect to the trade in electrical energy. They prescribe procedures of the granting of licences and conditions of licence for electrical installations, district heating plants and trade in electrical energy. As for the conditions for the operation, maintenance and closing down of electrical installations and district heating plants, the licensee shall take into account interests of the environment and landscape. The licensee shall also take into consideration emergency preparedness. The Regulations further provide rules relative to operation of systems, distribution of energy, energy planning, rationing and emergency preparedness.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Reg. no. 959 of 7 December 1990 as amended last by Reg. 1 of 2002.
Publication reference
Unofficial translation of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.
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