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Act on providing information on the environment and environmental protection, public participation in environmental protection and on environmental impact assessment.

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This Act lays down: (1) rules of proceedings in the cases concerning making information on environment and its protection available, assessment of impact on the environment and transboundary impact on the environment; (2) rules of public participation in environmental protection; (3) administration organs competent at matters specified in point 1. Everybody has the right to access to information on the environment and its protection on conditions laid down in this Act. Everybody has also the right to participate in proceedings requiring public participation. The present Act is composed of the following sections: General provisions (sec. 1); Making information on environment and its protection available (sec. 2); Public participation in environmental protection (sec. 3); Strategic assessment of environmental impact (sec. 4); Assessment of the impact of undertakings on the environment and the area Nature 2000 (sec. 5); Transboundary impact on the environment (sec. 6); General Director of Environmental Protection and regional directors of environmental protection (sec. 7); Changes in valid provisions, transitional and final provisions (sec. 8).
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This Act entered into force on 15 November 2008.
Serial Imprint
Journal of Laws 2023 Pos. 1094 (consolidated version)
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Ustawa o udost pnianiu informacji o rodowisku i jego ochronie, udziale spo ecze stwa w ochronie rodowiska oraz o ocenach oddzia ywania na rodowisko.