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Act on renewable energy sources.

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This Act sets out a framework for the promotion of energy from renewable sources. It lays down: (1) rules and conditions of running activities concerning electrical energy from renewable energy sources and agricultural biogas and bioliguid; (2) mechanisms and measures to support the production of electrical energy from renewable energy sources, agricultural biogas and heat in installations of renewable energy source; (3) rules for issuing guarantees of origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the installations of renewable energy sources; (4) rules for the implementation of the national action plan for energy from renewable sources; (5) conditions and procedure for the certification of installers dealing with microinstallations, little installations and installations of renewable energy sources with a total installed capacity of heat up to 600 kW; (6) principles of international cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources and joint investment projects.
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This Regulation entered into force on 4 May 2015.
Serial Imprint
Journal of Laws 2022 Pos. 1378 (consolidated version)
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Ustawa o odnawialnych r d ach energii.