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Act (SFS 2009:1424) on the control of protected designations of agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Type of law

This Act sets regulations regarding the protection of geographical indications, designations of origin, traditional protection and traditional specialties guaranteed of food and foodstuffs. The Government or the authority appointed by the Government shall regulate the EU provisions for what concerns the inspection for compliance with this Act, the regulations and decisions issued, and the decisions announced under EC rules - which shall be implemented by the National Food Agency and the municipal administrative boards. An inspection has the right to request information and the provision of documents, with access to areas, premises and other to carry out investigations and take samples. In addition to those required by the EC regulations, a control of an item covered by a presubmission or prohibition under article 13 may apply if the injunction or prohibition does not comply with the Act and may have authority to change the name or composition of the product or make any other modification so that it conforms with the EC provisions.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 January 2010.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Lag (SFS 2009:1424) om kontroll av skyddade beteckningar p jordbruksprodukter och livsmedel.