Despite implementation of numerous national and regional initiatives around the world to address plastics pollution, serious challenges persist. Noting this, the United Nations Environment Assembly has made several resolutions in this area. One of the key aspects of these resolutions is a call to Member States to take comprehensive action including through legislation to address plastics pollution (paragraph 6 of UNEA Resolution 4/9 on addressing single-use plastic products pollution).

The Assembly has also requested the UNEP Secretariat to gather information with a view to informing policies and action for reducing the risk of discharges of litter, including plastic litter and microplastics, into the marine environment, taking into account the whole life cycle of plastics, in support of local, national, regional and global action (paragraph 2(d) of UNEA Resolution 4/6).

As part of efforts to address the plastics pollution challenge as outlined in these resolutions, the UNEP secretariat developed this legal toolkit on plastics pollution prevention to assist legislators and policymakers in the development and strengthening of their regulatory frameworks. Read more


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