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Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Revitalization of Rural Areas.

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This Law is enacted for the purposes of fully implementing the rural area revitalization strategy, promoting the comprehensive upgrading of agriculture, the comprehensive progress of rural areas, and the comprehensive development of farmers, and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.
The Law consists of 74 articles divided into 10 chapters: General Provisions (I); Industry Development (II); Support of Talents (III); Cultural Prosperity (IV); Ecological Protection (V); Organizational Building (VI); Integration between Urban and Rural Areas (VII); Support Measures (VIII); Supervisory Inspection (IX); Supplemental Provision (X).
The state shall consolidate and improve the two-tier operating system based on households' conventional usufructs for agricultural operations combining centralization with decentralization, and develop and expand the rural collective ownership economy. The state shall implement a food security strategy of self-sufficiency based on domestic food production, guaranteed food production capacity, moderate imports, and technological support, adhere to sustainable farmland use and innovative application of agricultural technology to increase farmland productivity, take measures to continuously improve the overall food production capacity, build a national food security industry belt, improve the food processing, circulation, and storage system, ensure basic self-sufficiency in grain and absolute security of essential food, and safeguard national food security. The state shall improve the food processing, storage, and transportation standards, increase the yield and utilization rate of food processing, and promote food conservation and loss reduction. In addition, the state shall improve the rural collective property rights system, enhance the development vitality of the rural collective ownership economy, promote the preservation of and appreciation in the value of collective assets, and ensure the benefit of farmers.
Local people's governments at all levels shall strengthen the social management and service capacity building of township people's governments, and build towns and villages into rural governance centers, rural service centers, and rural economic centers. People's governments at all levels should improve support policies, strengthen guidance services, support farmers to start businesses and innovations in rural areas, and promote the development of rural industries and employment of farmers. The development of rural industries should meet the requirements of national land and space planning, industrial policies, and environmental protection.
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