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Act on land distribution and property trade for agricultural purposes (No. 1051 of 2023).

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This Act contains rules regarding the consolidation of agricultural land and redistribution of agricultural land for purposes of agricultural development and improvement of land use planning. Through the implementation of these plans, the Act aims to the conservation of the environment, including the creation of recreational areas and national parks. Within these planning points: (a) to safeguard and improve the commercial use of agricultural land; (b) to enhance the implementation of projects aimed at conservation and improvement of environment and natural features of land used for agriculture such as the establishment of national parks, recreational areas, afforestation and drinking water conservation projects; (c) improved use of land for agricultural purposes and integration of the agricultural industry with other economic activities.
The Act consists of 7 Chapters: Scope and purpose (1); Land allocation (2); Public purchase and sale of real estate (3); Government loans and land rent according to older land laws (4); Financing (5); Delegation and appeal (6); Entry into force, repeal and transitional provisions (7).
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The Act enters into force on 1 July 2010.
This Act is not valid in Greenland nor in the Faroe Islands.Consolidated version of the Act on Land Distribution and Public Purchase and Sale of Real Estate for Agricultural Purposes, etc. No. 535 of 2005.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om jordfordeling og offentligt k b og salg af fast ejendom til jordbrugsm ssige form l (jordfordelingsloven).