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Commission Directive 2002/4/EC on the registration of establishments keeping laying hens, covered by Council Directive 1999/74/EC.

Type of law

On the basis of article 7 of Directive 1999/74/EC, Member States shall: (a) establish a system for registering every production site (hereafter: establishment) covered by the scope of Directive 1999/74/EC, allocating a distinguishing number to it, in conformity with the Annex to this Directive; (b) ensure that for each such establishment at least the information set out in point 1 of the Annex is supplied to the competent authority of the Member State. Moreover, they shall provide that, from 1 June 2003: (a) no establishment for which the information required pursuant to paragraph 1(b) has not been supplied by the date determined there may continue to be used; and (b) no new establishment is brought into use prior to completion of registration and receipt of the distinguishing number.
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Entry into force notes
The Directive came into force on 20 February 2002.
Serial Imprint
Official Journal L 30, 31 January 2002, pp. 44 46.
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