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Council Directive 95/69/EC laying down the conditions and arrangements for approving and registering certain establishments and intermediaries operating in the animal feed sector and amending Directives 70/524/EEC, 74/63/EEC, 79/373/EEC and 82/471/EEC.

Type of law

Without any prejudice to Community provisions in force concerning the organization of official checks on animal feed, this Directive lays down the conditions and arrangements applicable to certain categories of establishments and intermediaries in the animal feed sector to allow them to perform the activities referred to in articles 2 and 7 and 3 and 8 respectively (such as the manufacture and put into circulation of compound feedingstuffs, additives and premixtures). The Directive is divided into the following Chapters: (I) Scope and definitions; (II) Approval of establishments and intermediaries; (III) Registration of establishments and intermediaries; (IV) Common Provisions; (V) Adaptation of legislation; (VI) Final provisions. An Annex is attached. Particular regard is given to the Register of approved establishments and intermediaries to be kept by Member States (art. 5). The European Commission shall be assisted by the Standing Committee for Feedingstuffs established by Decision 70/372/EEC. Further provisions lay down amendments to Community legislation in force: article 17 amends Directive 70/524/EEC; article 18 amends Directive 74/63/EEC; article 19 amends Directive 79/373/EEC; article 20 amends Directive 82/471/EEC.
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Entry into force notes
This Directive entered into force on 19 January 1996.
Serial Imprint
Official Journal L 332, 30 December 1995, pp. 15-32.
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