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Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003 (2003 Asp 15).

Type of law

The Act provides for the administration and control of salmon and freshwater fisheries in Scotland.
The 71 sections of the Act are divided into 7 Parts: Methods Of Fishing And Offences Related To Fishing (I); Administration Of Salmon Fisheries (II); District Salmon Fishery Boards (III); Administration Of Freshwater Fisheries (IV); Enforcement (V); Miscellaneous (VI). Part 1 is divided into the following headings: Methods of fishing, Offences related to fishing for salmon and freshwater fish, Close times for salmon, Close time for trout, Offences related to sale, purchase and possession of salmon and trout, Protection of young salmon, Offences in relation to the Solway, Exemptions, Regulation of salmon fisheries.
Sections 1 to 5 prescribe and prohibit methods of fishing for salmon and freshwater fish. Section 13 prescribes a weekly close time for salmon, whereas section 17 prescribes an annual close time for trout. Packages of salmon or trout to be marked in accordance with section 21. Section 22 prescribes size limit for selling of trout. Section 23 concerns the protection of young salmon, whereas section 24 prohibits unauthorised introduction of salmon or salmon eggs into certain waters. The Scottish Ministers may, after consulting such persons as they consider appropriate, make regulations pursuant to and in accordance with section 31. Section 34 of Part 2 provides for Salmon fishery districts which are areas within the coastal limits of a district declared to be such by the Scottish Ministers pursuant to section 35. Section 37 prescribes annual close times for salmon. The Scottish Ministers may make regulations under this section if they consider that it is necessary or expedient to do so for the conservation of salmon (sect. 38). Sections 40 and 43 provide for District Salmon Fishery Boards to be formed by proprietors of salmon fisheries in a salmon fishery district. Section 41 provides for the circumstance where there is a sole proprietor in a salmon fishery district. Section 44 concerns financial powers and duties of district salmon fishery boards.
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An Act of the Scottish Parliament to consolidate, with amendments recommended by the Scottish Law Commission, the enactments relating to salmon and freshwater fisheries in Scotland.
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Entry into force notes
This Act (except this section) shall come into force on such date as the Scottish Ministers may by order made by statutory instrument appoint.
Repeals also: Solway Firth Fisheries Act 1804 (c.xlv), Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1868 (c.123), Solway Salmon Fisheries Commissioners (Scotland) Act 1877 (c. ccxl.), Freshwater Fish (Scotland) Act 1902 (c.29),Trout (Scotland) Act 1933 (c.35),Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Protection) (Scotland) Act 1951 (c.26), Freshwater and Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1976 (c.22), the Deregulation (Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1868) Order 1996 (S.I. 1996/1211) and the District Salmon Fishery Boards Order 1999 (S.I. 1999/1111).Amends also: Rivers (Prevention of Pollution) (Scotland) Act 1965 (c.13), Control of Pollution Act 1974 (c.13), Salmon Act 1986 (c.62), Criminal Procedure (Consequential Provisions) (Scotland) Act 1995 (c.40),
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