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Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1967 (Chapter 84).

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The Act makes provision for measures which may be taken by Ministers for the purposes of conservation of sea fish. "Sea fish" means fish, whether fresh or cured, of any kind found in the sea, including shellfish, and any other parts of any such fish but does not include (except in sections 4,5,6,7, and 9) salmon or migratory trout. The text consists of 26 sections divided into 8 headings: Restrictions on commercial use of under-sized, etc., sea fish (sects. 1-2); Regulation of fishing for sea fish (sects. 3-5); Regulation of landing of sea fish (sects. 6-8); Exemption for certain operations (sect. 9); Measures for increase or improvement of marine resources (sect. 10); Penalties for, and other provisions as to, offences (sects. 11-14); Enforcement of orders, etc. (sects. 15-18); Supplemental (sects. 19-26).
No person shall land, sell, expose or offer for sale, or have in his possession for the purpose of sale fish being of a smaller size as may be prescribed by an Order of the Ministers (sect. 1). Section 2 prohibits also having in possession of such fish for the purpose of processing or otherwise using it in course of any business. The Ministers may make orders for the purpose of securing that nets and other fishing gear comply with such requirements as to construction, design, material, and size as may be described by such Order (sect. 3). Section 4 makes provision for the licensing of British fishing boats whether registered or not under the Merchant Shipping Act 1984 in the United Kingdom for purposes of any trade or business for fishing in areas specified in Orders. The Ministers may prohibit or impose restrictions on sea fishing under section 5. The Ministers may prohibit the landing in the United Kingdom of sea fish caught in such waters as may be specified in an order (sect. 6). British sea-fishery officers may serve notices on masters of vessels requiring the master to make a declaration that fish to be landed in the United Kingdom is not fish prohibited to be landed under section 6 (sect. 7). Section 8 makes provision for landing of "foreign-caught sea fish".
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An Act to consolidate (with corrections and improvements made under the Consolidation of Enactments (Procedure) Act 1949) certain enactments which provide for regulating the commercial use of, fishing for, and landing of, sea fish, and for authorising measures for the increase or improvement of marine resources.
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Consolidated version of Chapter 84 as amended last by the Fisheries Act 2020 (2020 c.22),This Act is extended to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales with some reservations.
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