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Law 4691/2020. Regulation of competence of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food for the upgrading and modernisation of the agricultural sector and other provisions.

Type of law

This Law, consisting of 37 articles, provides a framework for competences of the Ministry of Rural Development and various amendments and modernisation of the agricultural sector. The Law concerns the National Agricultural Accounting Information Network Committee as the authority responsible for: approval of the selection plan for the agricultural holdings, collection and cross-checking of all the data required for the estimation of the standard yields of plant and animal production, definition of the plan for the distribution of agricultural holdings in the country, definition of amount of the annual flat-rate fee to farmers for carrying out targeted sampling at national level, for specific agricultural products or in agricultural holdings with specific characteristics. The Law concerns tasks and responsibilities of the Technical Advisory Committee on Fertilisers, concerning: fertilisers containing raw materials from municipal or industrial waste. The Law empowers the Minister of Rural Development and Food to establish measures for the protection and promotion of farmers' rights, the terms and conditions for their implementation and any relevant issue for the implementation of Article 9 of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, for the designation of competent authorities, the establishment and formation of collective bodies, the determination of responsibilities and administrative procedures and the establishment of administrative sanctions.
This Law provides for: imports and exports of plant products; cultivation of industrial hemp and related prohibitions; issuance of permits for the establishment of livestock facilities; creation of national electronic beekeeping register; control of the declaration of consumption egg balances; approval and management of grazing plans; powers to determine restrictive fishing measures in case of risk of a reduction or destruction of fish stocks and aquatic organisms or a risk of a more general disturbance of the aquatic ecological system; prohibition of fishing at a certain distance from the coast or at a certain depth of water, with certain types of vessels or certain gears, or the fishing of certain species, of catch sizes and quantities in one or more marine, lake and river areas; measures concerning collection and payment of rents for leasing of marine and lake water areas; penalties concerning veterinary medicinal products without a specific geographical location; controls of application and observance of the provisions of sale, disposal and use of veterinary medicinal products and medicated animal feed; measures concerning education and professional certificate of butcher; measures concerning dead animals register in order to ensure the protection of public health, animal health and the environment; financial measures concerning brucellosis and spongiform encephalopathy programs and other diseases prevention; measures against deterioration of agricultural property and other offences; measures supporting consumer protection regarding the origin of food, including specification of geographical indications; strengthening seasonal employment in agricultural work; environmental restoration of selected areas and protection of ecosystems, flora and fauna.
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Government Gazette no. 108/A of 2020.
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4691/2020. .