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Air Protection Law.

Type of law

This Act lays down the measures, manner of organizing, implementing and supervising, protection and improvement of air quality, as part of the environment.
Basic provisions are: a) Protection and improvement of air quality, with the aim of sustainable development, based on the principles of environmental protection laid down in the Environmental Protection Act and requirements of international law; b) protection of air against pollution caused by radioactive substances, technological accidents and natural disasters which shall be regulated by special legislation;
Measures undertaken with the aim of protection and improvement of air quality shall not endanger other environmental components, the quality of the environment in other areas, the quality of life of future generations and they shall not be in contradiction with legislation in the areas of safety at work and protection of human health.
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Entry into force notes
This Act enters into force on the eighth day from its publication in the Official Gazette, and shall apply from 31 March 2005.
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