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Act No. XXVII of 1998 on biotechnology activities.

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In accordance with the provisions of the Convention on Biodiversity, this Law applies to the modification of natural organisms by gene technology; their utilization, release in the environment and commercialization of products containing these organisms; as well as to their import, export and transport. This Act must apply to wild and protected natural organisms with the differences determined in the Act No. LIII of 1996 on nature protection. Protected natural organisms may not be modified by gene technology. The establishment of laboratories for the modification by gene technology, the modification of natural organisms by gene technology, except for experimental purposes, and certain uses of these organisms must be authorized. Chapter II deals with the authorization of the activities falling under this Act, determines the authorities which are competent in this matter and provides the rules of registration and identification as well. Article 12 prescribes the use of consumer information on the products containing genetically modified organisms. According to article 17 dealing with waste management, the gene technology authority may prescribe the elaboration of a study on the biological impact of waste produced by gene technology activities. Inspection and restrictive measures are covered by Chapter III.
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This Act entered into force on 1 January 1999.
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1998. vi XXVII. t rv ny a g ntechnol giai tev kenys gr l