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European Communities (Protection of Animals During Transport) Regulations 2006 (S.I. No. 267 of 2006).

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These Regulations provide for measures for the protection of animals during transportation by road vehicle, rail vehicle, vessel or aircraft. These Regulations shall apply to the transport of: (a) domestic soliped and domestic animal of the bovine, ovine, caprine and porcine species; (b) poultry and domestic birds; (c) domestic cat and domestic dog,; (d) any other mammal or bird; and (e) any other vertebrate animal or cold-blooded animal. The Regulations lay down the standards to be applied in relation to the protection of animals during transport. The Regulations make general provisions for the welfare of animals, including rest periods and rules for feeding and watering, during transport by road, rail, sea or air and requires that a person who is entrusted to transport live animals possesses the necessary knowledge to care for the animals. Animals intended for exportation shall be inspected and certified to be fit for transport.
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