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Law No. 108 On natural gas .

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The purpose of this law shall be as follows: to create a common legal framework for organizing, regulating, ensuring the effective operation and monitoring of the natural gas sector, designed to supply consumers with natural gas in conditions of accessibility, availability, reliability, security, quality and transparency; ensuring free access to the natural gas market; ensuring an adequate balance between supply and demand, the proper level of capacity of natural gas networks, including intersystem connections; development of the natural gas market and integration into the competitive natural gas market; the establishment of measures designed to guarantee the safety of natural gas supply, the proper performance of obligations to provide public services, ensuring compliance with consumer rights, as well as environmental protection standards. It shall be applicable to: (a) production of natural gas; (b) natural gas transportation, including transboundary natural gas flows; (c) distribution of natural gas; (d) storage of natural gas; (e) supply of natural gas; (f) supply of compressed natural gas for vehicles at gasoline stations; (g) determination and approval of regulated prices for natural gas; (h) licensing of activities in the natural gas market; (i) natural gas market and access to the natural gas market; (j) organization, functioning and monitoring of the natural gas system; (k) safety and reliability of natural gas supply to end users; (l) access to public or private property for the purposes of construction, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation or modernization, including technological re-equipment, of natural gas networks; (m) controlled access of third parties to natural gas networks; and (n) consumer protection. Gas producing enterprises can be entitled with the tasks of environmental protection and improvement of energy efficiency. This Law consists of XVII sections. Section I lays down general provisions. Section II establishes administrative and regulatory powers. Section III regards organization and licensing in the sphere of natural gas management. Section IV regards production of natural gas. Section V regards transportation of natural gas. Section VI regards distribution of natural gas. Section VII regards storage of natural gas. Section VIII regards access to gas distribution networks and gas storage facilities, supply of services for transportation, distribution and storage of natural gas. Section IX deals with power selection and overload management. Section X deals with tenancy of land plots and the right of ownership of third parties. Section XI regards end consumers. Section XII regards supply of natural gas. Section XIII regards natural gas market. Section XIV regards regulation of prices and tariffs, separation of accounting. Section XV regards safety of natural gas supply. Section XVI regards dispute settlement and establishes liability for the infringement of legislation in the sphere of natural gas. Section XVII lays down final and transitional provisions.
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This Law enters into force on the date of its official publication.
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Nr. 108 27.05.2016 .