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Animal Welfare Act, 2001 (Act No. XXV of 2001).

Type of law

The Act consists of 50 sections divided into 17 Parts: Preliminary (I); Animal welfare (II); Establishment of a Council for Animal Welfare (III); Keeping of animals (III); Caring of animals (IV); Surgical operations on animals (V); Killing of animals (VI); Housing of animals (VII); Breeding of animals (VIII); Transport of animals (IX); Use of animals at competitions (X); Biotechnology and animal experiments (XI); Aggressive animals (XII); Animal welfare officers (XIII); Offences and penalties (XIV); Exceptions in relation to hunting and killing (XV); Appeals (XVI); Miscellaneous (XVII).
The Act shall not apply to hunting or killing of animals in a wild state, or any wild animal or pest, excepting provisions of Part XI relative to biotechnology and experiments on animals. The Council for the Welfare of Animals established under section 4 shall advise the Minister responsible for veterinary services on animal protection matters. The Minister may make Regulations concerning breeding of animals, including the method of breeding as well as species and categories of animals which may be used for breeding pursuant to section 20. Only persons licensed by the Minister in accordance with section 32 may carry out biotechnology practices as specified in that section. Sale, transport, etc. Of animals involved in such practices is restricted. Also experiments on animals require a licence issued by the Minister pursuant to section 35.
Long title of text
An Act to establish and consolidate the protection of animals kept for work, sport, companionship and food.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
For entry into force please see section 1.
Serial Imprint
Supplement to the Government Gazette of 2001, pp. A 1779-A 1798.
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in force
Legislation Amendment