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Act No. 79 of 1976 relating to the control of products and consumer services (Product Control Act).

Type of law
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The purpose of the present Act is to prevent products (as defined in section 2) from causing damage to health or disturbances of the environment in the form of disturbances of ecosystems, pollution, waste, noise or the like. the Act formulates, in general terms duties to act with good care for any person who produces, imports, markets, processes, uses or in any other way handles products that may cause such effects and to implement reasonable measures to prevent or limit such effects. Other provisions concern approval of products and services, the duty to notify or report, regulation making powers of the King, inspection and supervision, etc.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Act No. 79 of 11 June 1976, with last amendments up to 19 May 1993 (English version); Consolidated version of Act No. 79 of 11 June 1976 as last amended by Act No. 54 of 2019 (Norwegian version).
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Lov om kontroll med produkter og forbrukertjenester (produktkontrolloven).