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Decree No. 1103 of 1989 relative to mesh size, bycatch, and minimum size in relation with the trawling for shrimps and Norway lobster.

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Certain NAFO areas in the North-west Atlantic are excluded form the application sphere of this Decree. Further to rules laid down in the present Decree, rules of the Act establishing a Norwegian Economic Zone shall apply to foreign fishing (sec 1). Chapter II prohibits the use of trawlers in specified areas which do not meet requirements regarding mesh size as specified in that Chapter. Section 5 of Chapter II provides for the measuring of the size of meshes. The use of shrimp trawlers is prohibited in areas specified in section 9 of Chapter III. Chapter IV concerns bycatch of fish in shrimp and lobster fishing in and outside of the Skagerrak. Section 13 provides for the measurement of bycatch. Section 15 concerns the mixing of other fish in catch of shrimps. Chapter V prescribes minimum sizes of shrimps and Norway lobster and prohibits the dumping of shrimps. (21 sections divided into 6 Chapters)
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Consolidated version of Decree No. 1103 of 1989 as amended last by Decree No. 386 of 2002.
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