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Presidential Decree No. 400 validating the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation.

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National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation is the basic nationwide multi-sectoral policy document of strategic planning, defining national interests and strategic national priorities of the Russian Federation, goals and objectives of state policy in the field of ensuring national security and sustainable development of the Russian Federation for the long term. The implementation by the Russian Federation of the state policy in the field of national security contributes to the enhancement of internal stability, the development of economic, political, military and spiritual potential of Russia, necessary to strengthen its role as one of the influential centers of the modern world.
National security of the Russian Federation shall be intended the state of security of the national interests of the Russian Federation from external and internal threats, which ensure the implementation of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, dignified quality and standard of living, civil peace and harmony in the country, protection of sovereignty of the Russian Federation, its independence and state integrity, socio-economic development of the country.
For the transition of the Russian Federation to a new level of economic development and an improvement in the quality of life of its citizens comprehensive measures are being taken with a view of overcoming negative demographic trends and the resolution of systemic health care problems, and to reduce poverty and income stratification of the society and improve the condition of the environment. The development of scientific potential and improvement in the quality and accessibility of education will speed up restructuring of the Russian economy.
National interests and strategic national priorities of the Russian Federation shall be set forth as follows: (a) preservation of the population of Russia, the development of human potential, improving the quality of life and well-being of citizens; (b) protection of the constitutional order, sovereignty, independence, state and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, and strengthening of national defense; (c) development of mechanisms of interaction between the state and civil society; (d) environmental protection, conservation and rational use of natural resources, adaptation to climate change; (e) ecological security and rational nature management.
The objectives of state policy in the field of preservation of the people of Russia and the development of human potential are sustainable natural growth of the population and improvement of the quality of life, improving the health of the population, and reducing poverty and social and property inequality, improving the educational level of the population and fostering harmoniously developed and socially responsible citizens.
The goals of environmental security and environmental management shall be to ensure the quality of environment required for a favorable human standard of living, and to preserve and restore the natural environment, balanced use of natural resources and mitigation of adverse impacts of climate change.
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This Presidential Decree enters into force on the date of signature.
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