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Regulation on the protection of animals at slaughter.

Type of law

This Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, establishes conditions of movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter and killing of animals bred and kept for the production of meat. Animals should avoid any possible excitement, pain or suffering during movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter or killing. Employees who work in places where the animals are killed should receive training in the form of lectures of at least 6 school hours, according to the program which is attached as the Annex. This Regulation is composed of the following Sections: General provisions (Sec. 1); Movement and temporary accommodation (Sec. 2); Stunning and slaughter (Sec. 3); Transitional and final provisions (Sec. 4).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Regulation entered into force on 8 April 2005.
Serial Imprint
Official Gazette No. 33/2005
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Pravilnik o za citi ivali pri zakolu.