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Animal Protection Act.

Type of law
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The aim of this Act is to protect live, health and welfare of animals. This Act sets out rules for the proper treatment of animals, defines the meaning of cruelty to animals, establishes which treatment or experiments on animals are forbidden, sets out conditions to be ensured for animal husbandry, transport, implementation of certain activities and experiments on animals, slaughter and killing of animals. This Act regulates also the supervision of the implementation of this Act and criminal penalties for violators of these provisions. This Act applies to all animals with developed senses to receive external stimuli and developed nervous system. Animal protection under this Act is the duty of all legal and natural persons who are in any relation to animals, especially animal guardians, local communities and countries, veterinary, animal husbandry, scientific research and educational institutions, hunting and other organizations combining animal breeders, clubs against cruelty to animals and other societies which are established for the promotion and implementation of the Declaration on the rights and welfare. This Act establishes that no person may cause animal suffering, illness or death without a reasonable cause.
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This Act entered into force on 18 December 1999.
Consolidated version
Publication reference
Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 98/1999-159/2021
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Zakon o za citi ivali.
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