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Administrative Measures on the Registration and Record Filing of Health Foods.

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These Measures aim to regulate registration and record filing of health foods. The Text consists of 8 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Registration (II); Registration Certificate Administration (III); Record Filing (IV); Labels and Instructions for Use (V); Supervision and Inspection (VI); Legal Liabilities (VIII); Supplementary Provisions (VIII).
The Measures provide the applicable scopes, the approval authorities and the registration mechanism and the record filing mechanism procedures, respectively. The functions and authorities of the different levels of the food and drug administrations are as follows: the State Administration for Market Regulation is responsible for the registration of health foods and the record filing of nutritional health foods such as vitamin supplements and minerals which are imported into China for the first time; the provincial competent authorities for market supervision administrate the record filing of health foods within their respective jurisdictions; and the competent authorities for market supervision at the county level are responsible for the supervision and administration of registered and record-filed health food within their jurisdictions and matters entrusted to them by higher administrations.
The Measures further specify the information required in health food registration certificates and their attachments. The Measures also reinforce the penalties for health food registration and record filing offences.
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