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Act on Contaminated Soil (No. 895 of 2015).

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The purpose of this Act is to prevent, reduce and eliminate land pollution and avoid adverse effects from soil contamination through technical inspection projects. Chapter 4b relates to the clearing of soil and groundwater significant pollution caused by certain activities which will assess their environmental state and submit to the Environment and Food Ministry. A report on necessary steps and measures to be taken for the elimination of such pollution shall be issued by the environmental authorities. The Ministry may lay down regulations on injunctions and requirements for documentation of compliance with this document.
The Act consists of 13 Chapters. Chapter 12 is repealed: Purpose (1); Pollution survey and permission to land use change (2); Public investigation and remedial action (3); Land depreciation scheme for homeowners (4); Environmental damage (4A); Clearing soil and groundwater contamination of certain activities at list companies and livestock (4b); Other contaminants than environmental damage injunction to polluters (5); Disposal and use of land (6); Administrative provisions (7); Monitoring and enforcement (8); Miscellaneous provisions (9); Appeals and legal proceedings (10); Penalties (11); Entry into force and transitional provisions (13).
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This is the consolidated version of Act No. 1427 of 4 December 2009.The Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om forurenet jord.