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Agricultural Property Act (No. 116 of 2020).

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This Act ensures sound and diversified use of agricultural property for agricultural production, sustainable development of agricultural industries and improving the competitiveness of these industries; accommodates development in rural areas requiring these properties to be registered as a farm in Survey and Cadastre Authority's land register.
The Act consists of 20 Chapters: Purpose (1); Definitions (2); Planning (3); Listing as agricultural property (4); Termination or cancellation of agricultural duty (5); Residency requirement, residential buildings, vacant agricultural properties, operations, etc. (6); Individuals acquisition of agricultural property in rural areas (7); (Repealed (8); Societies, acquisition of agricultural property in rural areas (9); Public authorities and foundations, etc. acquisition of agricultural property or parts of farms (10; Variation of statutes or charter provisions (11); Cooperation and leasing (12); Conversion of land between agricultural properties (13); Creation of new independent agricultural properties (14); (Repealed) (15); (Repealed) (16); Provisions on Administration of Law (17); Monitoring and Supervision (18); Penal Provisions (19); Entry into force and transitional provisions (20).
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This Act enters into force on 1 April 2010.
This Act does not apply to Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipalities, nor the Faroe Islands or Greenland.Consolidated version of the Agricultural Property Act No. 435 of 2004.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om landbrugsejendomme.