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Animal Welfare Act (No. 133 of 2020).

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The objective of this Act is to promote animal welfare, including protecting animals and fostering respect for animals as living and sentient beings, as well as to uphold animal ethics considerations. It contains 74 articles divided into the following chapters: 1. General provisions; 2. Treatment and handling, etc., of animals; 3. Prohibition and limitations on the keeping of certain animals; 4. Spaces and areas where animals are kept, including the fixtures and equipment therein; 5. Education, etc.; 6. Killing, including slaughtering; 7. Surgical and similar procedures; 8. Presentation of animals in circuses, zoos, etc.; 9. Breeding, boarding, shelters, trade, supervision, etc.; 10. Prohibition on marketing, etc., of certain products; 11. Transportation of animals; 12. The Animal Ethics Council; 13. Special responsibilities for veterinarians and the police; 14. Designated fees and charges; 15. Inspection and publication of inspection results; 16. Delegation and complaint; 17. Mandatory digital communication; 18. The European Union, etc.; 19. Consultation of stakeholders, etc.; 20. Penalties, etc.; 21. Entry into force, transitional provisions, and amendments to other legislation, etc.
As a general rule, must be treated properly and protected to the best extent possible from pain, suffering, distress, lasting harm, and significant inconvenience. Anyone who keeps animals must ensure that they are treated with care, including providing appropriate housing, feeding, watering, and care that takes into account their physiological, behavioral, and health needs in accordance with recognized practical and scientific experience. The government may establish regulations on the prohibition of keeping animals that may pose a danger or cause fear. Killing of animals shall be done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Commercial trade and breeding of animals may only be conducted with authorization from the for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. The Ministry shall establish a council that, based on an ethical assessment, monitors developments in animal welfare.
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Legislation Amendment
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LOV nr 133 af 25/02/2020: Lov om dyrevelf rd (dyrevelf rdsloven).