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Gas Supply Act (No. 423 of 2023).

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The Act applies to transmission, distribution, supply and storage of natural gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG). It also applies to biogas, gas from biomass and other types of gas on land, territorial sea, in the exclusive economic zone and on the Danish continental shelf area. The Minister for Climate, Energy and Building shall determine that transmission companies whose facilities do not have direct influence on the Danish natural gas market are fully or partially exempt from this Act. All consumers who are connected to the interconnected system or town gas grid must pay a proportionate share of's costs necessary for the payment of surcharges in accordance with article 35c.'s administrative expenses related to the payment of subsidies shall be charged through's tariffs. NO charges are applied to consumers in case of change of supplier. or its subsidiaries may - in cooperation with other countries' transmission companies on climate, energy and building have the minister's approval as co-owners of limited liability companies, whose task is to contribute to the effective exchange of gas between the countries as referred to in article 12, section 1, No. 4; and to promote competition in markets for natural gas in accordance to article 12, section 2. After prior application The Energy Monitoring Agency ( shall certify companies for meeting requirements of procedures. Permission to LNG facilities may be granted only if the applicant can demonstrate that there is sufficient need for the LNG and upon compliance with terms of the exact construction and operation of the LNG facility, including collateral for disposal.
The Act consists of 13 Chapters: Introduction provisions (1); Natural gas Consumers' role (2); Natural gas supply, LNG facilities and storage (3); Commercial supply duty (4); General provisions for allocations (5); Assignment (6); Delivery of upgraded biogas to natural gas system (6a); Prices and criteria for natural gas (7); Energy regulation (8); Duty to notify, confidentiality, accounting (9); Injunction (9a); Sanctions provisions (10); Appeals, Energy Board, etc. (11); Expropriation, compensation (12); Entry into force, repealing and transitional provisions (13).
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The Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.Consolidated version of the Natural Gas Supply Act No. 449 of 2000.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om gasforsyning.
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