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Council Directive 2002/57/EC on the marketing of seed of oil and fibre plants.

Type of law

This Directive makes provision in matter of production for marketing purposes and marketing within the Community of seed of oil and fibre plants intended for agricultural production, but not for ornamental purposes. The Directive shall not apply to seed of oil and fibre plants which is shown to be intended for export to third countries. Article 2, paragraph 1(b) specifies the genera and species of oil and fibre plants covered by these provisions. According to article 3, seed of the plants referred therein may not be placed on the market unless it has been officially certified as basic seed or certified seed . Article 12 lays down labelling and packaging conditions for basic seed, certified seed of all categories and commercial seed. Further requirements are laid down in article 14 as regards varieties which have been genetically modified. Seven Annexes are attached. Annexes I and II specify the conditions to be met by the crop and by the seed respectively. Annex III fixes lot and sample weights. Annex IV contains labelling requirements.
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This Directive came into force on 9 August 2002.
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Official Journal L 193, 20 July 2002, pp. 74-97.
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