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Act on animal diseases (No. 76 of 2021).

Type of law

The present Act lays down provisions for the implementation of EU legislation on the control of animal diseases. It contains 102 sections divided into the following chapters: 1) General provisions; 2) Disease-free status, eradication programs, and compartments; 3) Responsibility for animal health; 4) Reporting of animal diseases and monitoring of disease status; 5) Measures in case of suspicion or detection of diseases in categories a c; 6) Measures in case another animal disease to be controlled or monitored is suspected or detected; 7) Authorization of certain facilities; 8) Movement of animals and products; 9) Export and import of animals and products; 10) Emergency measures and new diseases; 11) Laboratories and handling of disease agents and vectors; 12) Authorities; 13) Surveillance and registries; 14) Payment of certain fees and reimbursements of state funds; 15) Coercive measures and penalties; 16) Special provisions.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry shall be the authority responsible for determining the disease-free status of the country or an area in relation to a disease in categories a c. The National Food Authority shall be the competent authority referred to in Article 26 of the EU Animal Health Regulation to conduct disease surveillance, and shall prepare a plan for these purposes. It shall also act as the national reference laboratory for disease purposes. The Decree establishes mandatory zoonotic surveillance responsibilities and reporting obligations related to animal diseases. Section 17 contains a list of available precautionary measures for when a disease has been confirmed or is suspected to be present in wild animals, and Sections 25 38 regulates the measures to be taken for diseases listed in categories a c, as well as diseases classified as other diseases that shall be controlled or surveilled. Section 43 concerns the approval of aquaculture establishments and disease control aquatic food establishments. The Regional State Administrative Agency shall be the competent authority to approve the establishments referred to in Articles 94 and 95 of the EU Animal Health Regulation.
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21 April 2021.
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Legislation Amendment
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Lag om djursjukdomar.
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