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Law on energy efficiency.

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This Law declares that efficient use of energy is of interest to the Republic of Croatia, and it regulates the area of efficient use of energy and energy cogeneration, also by adoption of plans at local, regional and national level, aimed for improving energy efficiency, among implementing relevant energy efficiency measures, energy efficiency obligations, obligations of the energy regulatory body. The purpose of this Law is to achieve designated goals of sustainable energy development: reduction of negative environmental impacts from the energy sector; improvement of security of energy supply, by meeting the needs of energy consumers and meeting international obligations of the Republic of Croatia in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all energy consumption sectors. This text also prescribes the rules relevant for transmission system operators, distribution system operators and energy market operators in connection with the transmission, i.e. transport and distribution of energy, obligations of energy distributors, energy and/or water suppliers, and in particular activities involved in energy activities. This Law further determines the energy savings and consumer rights in the application of energy efficiency measures.
The text is divided into eight thematic Chapters, as follows: I. General provisions; II. Powers of the competent authorities; III. Energy efficiency plans; IV. Energy efficiency obligations; V. Energy service; VI. Supervision; VII. Misdemeanor provisions; VIII. Transitional and final provisions.
Energy management is here defined as set of actions of continuous monitoring and analysis of energy and water consumption, which include identifying changes in energy and water consumption trends, setting targets for energy and water savings, comparing actual consumption with projected consumption and proposing and implementing measures to improve the overall energy efficiency. Energy saving is the amount of saved energy and/or water determined by measuring and/or estimating consumption before and after the application of one or more measures designate to improve energy efficiency, with normalization according to reference conditions. Final energy consumption is a total energy supplied to industry, transport, households, services and agriculture, excluding delivery to the energy conversion sector and the energy industry itself.
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This text entered into force eight days after its publication the Official Gazette.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 127/2014 and 116/2018
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Legislation Amendment
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Zakon o energetskoj u inkovitosti.