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Act containing rules relative to the protection of wild plant and animal species (Flora and Fauna Act).

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This Act is unites all provisions relating to the protection of all animals and plants living in the wild together in one text so as to harmonize those provisions, to better respond to international obligations and, in general to make better provision for the protection of flora and fauna. The text consists of 127 sections divided into 9 Chapters: General provisions (I); Indication of protected species (II); General prohibitions (III); Protected living environment (IV); Special provisions (V); The Fauna fund (VI); Other provisions (VII); Supervision, penal and enforcement provisions (VIII); Transitional and final provisions (IX).
Article 2 outlines general principles of the protection of wild fauna and flora. Chapter II contains rules for the indication of protected fauna and flora species. Protected living environment areas may be declared by provincial councils in accordance with sections 19 to 25. Provisions of Part 5 in Title II regulate in detail hunting and related matters. Provincial councils may appoint Fauna Management Units consisting of hunting associations and in certain cases provincial councils shall approve fauna management plans in accordance with sections 67 and 68. The Fauna fund shall enhance measures for the protection of flora and fauna and advise the Minister. The Act applies to all fish species which are not included in the application sphere of the Fisheries Act 1963.
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Consolidated version of an Stb. 402 of 1998 as at 15 March 2012 and amended last by Stb. 19 of 2012..
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Wet van 25 mei 1998, houdende regels ter bescherming van in het wild levende planten- en diersoorten (Flora- en faunawet).
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