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Decree No. 1095 of 1989 relative to mesh size, bycatch, protection periods and minimum size in relation with the fishing for fish and herring.

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Chapter I outlines the application sphere of the Decree: it applies to fishing in marine areas of fish and herring by Norwegian and foreign vessels. It does not apply to the specified NAFO area. Chapter II specifies allowed mesh size for trawl and purse seine and gear with small mesh size in the Skagerrak. Section 6 provides for the measurement of mesh size. Use of certain gear is prohibited by the remaining sections of Chapter II.
Chapter III prohibits the use of pelagic trawls for the fishing of cod, Norway haddock, and capelin coalfish north of 64 N, prohibits fishing for cod with seine north of 61 N, and restricts in various other ways fishing. Chapter IV specifies closed seasons for plaice and halibut. Maximum allowed bycatch of various fish and crustacean species are listed in Chapter V. Finally, in Chapter VI minimum allowed sizes of various fish species are listed depending sometimes on the period of catch, sometimes on the area of catch. Amendments: Section 10 forms part of Chapter II specifying requirements with respect to mesh sizes and the installation of gear. A new comma of section 10 empowers the Director of Fisheries to regulate the participation in fishing by purse seine vessels which have installed purses with square meshes in areas which are normally closed pursuant to Decree No. 992 of 1985 relative to the protection of young fish. The amendment of section 9 concerns the installation of an encircling part of gear named "rundstropp" which shall be fixed externally at the level of the purses at in least in two points. Section 27 is amended so as to make provisions of Act No. 91 establishing the Norwegian Economic Zone applicable as far as offences and penalties are concerned. (28 articles divided into 8 Chapters)
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Consolidated version of Decree No. 1095 of 1989 as amended last by Decree No. 387 of 2002.
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