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Nature Conservation Act.

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The aim of nature conservation is: (1) maintenance of ecological processes and ecosystem stability; (2) preservation of biological diversity; (3) preservation of geological and paleontological heritage; (4) ensuring the continued existence of species of plants, animals and mushroom, including their habitats; (5) protection of landscape, the greenery in towns and villages, and trees; (6) maintenance of the proper state of conservation of natural habitats, as well as the other resources, formations and natural ingredients; (7) development of proper attitudes towards human nature through education, information and promotions in the field of nature conservation. The present Act is composed of 13 Sections: General provisions (sect. 1); Nature conservation forms (sect. 2); Botanical gardens, zoological gardens and animal rehabilitation centres (sect. 3); Conservation of greenery areas and wooded areas (sect. 4); Nature conservation organs (sect. 5); Nature conservation service (sect. 6); Fighting against crimes and offences on protected areas (sect. 7); Carrying out nature conservation (sect. 8); Management of resources and nature elements (sect. 9); Legal results of the conservation (sect. 10); Criminal provisions (sect. 11); Changes in valid provisions (sect. 12); Transitional, adapting and final provisions (sect. 13). The Act specifies the aims, principles and forms of conservation of living and non-living nature and landscape. The nature conservation is defined as the sustainable use and restoration of natural resources: wild plants, animals and mushrooms; plants, animals and mushrooms included in species conservation; nomadic animals; nature homes; rare and protected species of plants, animals and mushrooms; formations of living and non-living nature, and digging remains of plants and animals; landscape; greenery in cities and villages; wooded areas.
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This Act enters into force on 1 May 2005.
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Journal of Laws 2020 Pos. 55
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Legislation Amendment
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Ustawa o ochronie przyrody.
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