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Water Act No. 364/2004.

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The Water Act creates conditions for: (a) comprehensive protection of water, including aquatic ecosystems; (b) maintaining or improving the state of waters; (c) efficient, economical and sustainable use of water; (d) the management of basins and improvement of the quality of the environment and its components; (e) reducing the adverse effects of floods and drought; (f) ensuring the functions of watercourses; (g) the safety of waterworks; (h) the use of water in view of its strategic and security significance for the State, the public interest and food security of the State. This Act regulates the rights and obligations of natural persons and legal entities with respect to water and immovable property related to water protection. Furthermore, the present Act regulates conditions for the transport of water taken from bodies located on the territory of the Slovak Republic across the border of the Slovak Republic for personal consumption and for the provision of humanitarian and emergency assistance.
The text is composed of the following Sections: (1) General provisions; (2) Detection of quantity and state od water; (3) Water planning; (4) Disposal of water; (5) Protection of water resources; (6) Watercourses; (7) Administration of watercourses; (8) Water buildings; (9) Activities of public authorities in matter of water resources; (10) Details on proceedings; (11) Liability; (12) Water charges; (13) Common, transitional and final provisions.
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This Act entered into force on 1 July 2004.
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Collection of Laws No. 364 of 2004
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Vodn zakon.
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