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Federal Act on the manufacture, placing on the market and use of feed, compounds and additives.

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This Federal Act, consisting of 25 articles, concerns the production, marketing and use of feed, compounds and additives for animal nutrition. At the outset it contains an explanation of relevant terms: feed; additives; special nutrition purposes; animals for human consumption, farm animals, including edible fish, pet animals; undesirable and prohibited substances.
The Federal Act defines conditions and requirements to produce, place on the market and use feed, compounds and additives. Feed products must be labelled with specific elements. Specific provisions concern experiments with feed products and their import from third countries.
The Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism is empowered by this Act to protect the health of people and animals, to maintain or improve the performance of livestock, to protect consumers in business transactions and to implement European Union legislation.
The Federal Act also provides for general requirements, including registration, for companies and plants producing feedstuffs. It identifies the Federal Office for food security as the competent central authority for implementing the official controls in accordance with the European Law.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of the Federal Act n. 139/1999, as last amended by the Federal Act n. 92/2020.
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Bundesgesetz ber die Herstellung, das Inverkehrbringen und die Verwendung von Futtermitteln, Vormischungen und Zusatzstoffen (Futtermittelgesetz 1999 FMG 1999).
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