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Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council on genetically modified food and feed.

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This Regulation aims at ensuring a high level of protection of human life and health, animal health and welfare, environment and consumer interests in relation to genetically modified food and feed. To these ends, there are hereby regulated the Community procedures for the authorization and supervision of genetically modified food and feed as well as the labelling of such products. Chapter II is devoted to genetically modified food. The following are covered: (a) GMOs for food use; (b) food containing or consisting of GMOs; and (c) food produced from or containing ingredients produced from GMOs. Neither such products nor GMOs for food use may be marketed unless a special authorization is granted. Detailed provisions are set out in article 5 as regards the application for authorization. Article 9 regulates supervision, whilst articles 10 and 11 deal with modification, suspension, revocation and renewal of authorizations. Articles 12-14 concern labelling requirements. After having dealt with genetically modified food, Chapter III lays down provisions applicable to genetically modified feed (safety requirements, application for authorization, supervision and labelling). The Commission shall establish a Community register of genetically modified food and feed, which is to be made available to the public. The Annex attached defines duties and tasks of the Community reference laboratory, which shall be the Commission s Joint Research Centre. Articles 38 to 43 lay down particular amendments to the following Regulations: 258/97/EC, 82/471/EEC, 2002/53/EC, 2002/55/EC, 68/193/EEC and 2001/18/EC.
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Official Journal L 268, 18 October 2003, pp. 1-23.
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