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Council Directive 2002/54/EC on the marketing of beet seed.

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This Directive lays down rules governing the production with a view to marketing, and the marketing of beet seed within the Community. It shall not apply to beet seed intended for export to third countries. Member States shall provide that beet seed may not be placed on the market unless it has been officially certified as "basic seed" or "certified seed". Moreover, they shall ensure that the official examinations of seed are carried out in accordance with current international methods, in so far as such methods exist. Annex I lays down conditions for certification. Nevertheless, Member States may impose additional or more stringent requirements for the certification of seed produced in their own territory. Annex III concerns marking and specifies the information to be given in the labels. Annex IV deals with label and document provided in the case of seed not finally certified, harvested in another Member State.
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Official Journal L 193, 20 July 2002, pp. 12-32.
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