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Directive 1999/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning foods and food ingredients treated with ionizing radiation.

Type of law

This Directive shall apply to the manufacture, marketing and importation of foods and food ingredients, treated with ionizing radiation. The conditions which must be fulfilled for authorization of the treatment of foodstuffs with ionizing radiation are set out in Annex I. At the time of treatment such foodstuffs must be in a suitably wholesome state. Irradiation may be carried out only by means of the sources listed in Annex II. The overall average absorbed dose shall be calculated in accordance with Annex III. The Community list of foodstuffs which may be treated with ionizing radiation to the exclusion of all others and the maximum radiation doses authorized shall be defined in the implementing Directive. On the labelling of foodstuffs treated with ionizing radiation shall be appear on the label the words 'irradiated` or 'treated with ionizing radiation`. A foodstuff treated with ionizing radiation may not be imported from a third country unless it complies with the conditions, which apply to those foodstuffs, is accompanied by documents, and was treated in an irradiation facility approved by the Community. The Scientific Committee for Food shall be consulted on any matter falling within the scope of this Directive likely to have an effect on public health. (18 articles and 3 Annexes)
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Entry into force notes
This Directive shall entered into force on 20 March 1999.
Serial Imprint
CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 66, 13 March 1999, pp. 16-23.
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