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Act on foodstuffs and tobacco products.

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This Act lays down, in accordance with the legislation of the European Community, obligations of entrepreneurs dealing with production of foodstuffs and tobacco products and marketing of them, and establishes public inspection controlling obligations specified in this Act. The present Act also establishes obligations of entrepreneurs concerning reporting on food resources and agricultural products. This Act does not apply potable water. The consolidated text is divided into the following Sections: General provisions (art. 1 and 2); Obligations of food business operators (art. 3 to 5); Labeling of foodstuffs (art. 6 to 9b); Placing foodstuffs on the market (art. 10 to 11a); Tobacco products and products related to tobacco products (art. 12 to 12g); Electronic cigarettes (art. 12h to 12 j); Reporting obligation (art. 13 to 13b); Transboundary sale of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and spare cartridges (art. 13c to 13f); State supervision (art. 14 to 16b); Offenses (art. 17 to 17i); Enabling provisions (art. 18 and 19).
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This Act enters into force on 1 September 1997.
Serial Imprint
Collection of Laws 110/1997
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Z kon o potravin ch a tab kov ch v robc ch.
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