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Product Safety Act (No. V of 2001).

Type of law

This Act makes provision for the control of the safety of products, including foodstuffs (as defined in section 2).
The Act is divided into 5 Parts: Preliminary (I); General Product Safety (II); Product Control and Enforcement (III); Proceedings (IV); Miscellaneous (V).
Section 3 defines the right of consumers to safe products (defined in section 2), whereas section 4 requires producers to place only safe products upon the market. Section 6 specifies further obligations of producers and importers of products. Sections 8 and 9 concern monitoring of safety of products and assessment of general safety requirements. The Director of Consumers Affairs may impose restrictions on the placing of the market of products that he deems to be dangerous to health and safety of consumers, conformity to standards notwithstanding (sect. 10). Section 15 defines in detail the functions of the Director. There shall be appointed a Director of Market Surveillance by the Prime Minister under section 27. (41 sections)
Long title of text
An Act to repeal and replace the Quality Control (Exports and Imports and Local Goods) Act, Cap. 225.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
For entry into force please see section 1.
Serial Imprint
Supplement to the Government Gazette No. 17,052 of 2001, pp. A 220-A 237.
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