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Decree No. 78 of the State Administration for Market Regulation promulgating the Measures for the Administration of Food Trade Licensing and Registration.

Type of law

These Measures are developed in accordance with the Administrative Licensing Law, the Food Safety Law, the Regulation on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law, for the purposes of regulating food trade licensing and registration activities, strengthening the supervision and administration of food trade safety, fulfilling primary responsibilities for food safety, and ensuring food safety.
The Text consists of 9 Chapters: General Provisions; Application and acceptance; Examination and decision-making; Administration of Licensing; License changes, renewals, reissues, and cancellations; Recordation of the sale of prepackaged food only; Supervision and inspection; Legal liabilities; Supplementary Provisions.
The Measures shall apply to the application for a food trade permit, the acceptance, examination, and decision-making of such application, and the recordation of the sale of prepackaged food only (including dietary supplements, formula food for special medical purposes, infant formula milk powder, other infant formula food, and other special food), and the related supervision and inspection work.
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These Measures shall come into force on December 1, 2023.
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