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Act no. 326/2004 on plant protection.

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This Act lays down, in accordance with European Union legislation, rights and obligations of natural and legal persons concerning: (a) protection of plants and plant products against harmful organisms and disturbances; (b) protection against the introduction into the territory of the Czech Republic of organisms harmful to plants or plant products from other member countries of the European Community and from third countries; (c) conditions, placing on the market, use and control of plant protection products; (d) marketing and monitoring of active substances intended for use in the form of preparations; (e) control of harmful effects of harmful organisms and the use of preparation for human and animal health and the environment; (f) marketing, use and testing of mechanization means of plant protection.
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This Act entered into force on 31 May 2004.
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Collection of Laws No. 326/2004
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Z kon o rostlinol ka sk p i.
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