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Law on seeds and propagating material.

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This Law governs the public relations and duties as regards the sorting and keeping of official plant varieties of the Republic of Bulgaria, including the plant health keeping, plant production and preparation for the purpose of marketing, storage, packaging, labelling, trade, import, export and official controls, here all related to seeds and propagating or planting materials of those considered as agricultural plants.
The Chapters of this Law are as follows: General provisions (I); State control authorities (II); Field inspectors (III); Laboratories (IV); Official varieties list (V); Storage, manufacture, trading and marketing of seed and planting materials (VI); Import and export (VII); Control of seeds and planting materials (VIII); Forced administrative actions and penalty provisions (IX); and additional provisions (at the end of this publication).
The competent national body (Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry) will be in charge and will conduct the tasks such as agriculture variety testing, variety maintenance, production, trade, import and export of planting materials.
Some of the main task performed by competent national bodies here defined are in relation with: variety tests for the recognition and registration of agricultural plan varieties; keeping of the register of test applications and recognized varieties; supervision over the authorized operators; certification of seed material through field inspection activities; laboratory analysis; controls aimed at verifying the effective purity of specific plant variety or of its planting material; classification term for seeds and planting materials; general control over the produced quantities of the same.
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This Law enters into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Bulgaria 20/2003-17/2018
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