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Council Regulation (EC) No. 1782/2003 establishing common rules for direct support schemes under the common agricultural policy and establishing certain support schemes for farmers and amending Regulations (EEC) No. 2019/93, (EC) No. 1452/2001, (EC) No. 1453/2001, (EC) No. 1454/2001, (EC) No. 1868/94, (EC) No. 1251/1999, (EC) No. 1254/1999, (EC) No. 1673/2000, (EEC) No. 2358/71 and (EC) No. 2529/2001.

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This Regulation establishes: (a) common rules on direct payments under income support schemes in the framework of the common agricultural policy which are financed by the "Guarantee" Section of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF), except those provided for under Regulation (EC) No. 1257/1999; (b) an income support for farmers; and (c) support schemes for farmers producing durum wheat, protein crops, rice, nuts, energy crops, starch potatoes, milk, seeds, arable crops, sheep meat and goat meat, beef and veal and grain legumes. The Regulation consists of five Titles. Firstly, Title I determines the application scope and lays down particular definitions. Title II contains general provisions which are divided into the following five Chapters: (1) Cross compliance; (2) Modulation and financial discipline; (3) Farm advisory system; (4) Integrated administration and control system; (5) Other general provisions. Further, Title III deals with the single payment scheme, whilst Title IV regulates other aid schemes.
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Official Journal L 270, 21 October 2003, pp. 1-69.
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