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Law on Food.

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This Law provides for the observance of requirements for production and trade in foodstuffs, prevention of activities regarding the foodstuffs and creation of a possibility for the consumers to exercise their right to informed choice of foodstuffs offered on the market. The Law consists of 52 articles divided into 8 Chapters: General provisions (I); Requirements for the foodstuffs (II); Requirements for the packing, labelling and advertisement of the foodstuffs (III); Production and trade in foodstuffs (IV); Import and export of foodstuffs (V); State control over the foodstuffs (VI); Professional organizations of the producers of foodstuffs (VII); Administrative penal provisions (VIII). The Minister of Health and the Minister of Environment and Water shall determine by ordinances the list of substances which can be used for the production of materials and objects that enter into contact with foodstuffs, etc. (art. 8). In carrying out economic activity with foodstuffs, the producers and the traders shall be obliged to observe the hygiene of foodstuffs requirements and to comply with the good production practice in the production and trade of foodstuffs. A new foodstuff or a food component shall be let on the market by permit of the Minister of Health, upon assessment of the possible risks of injuring human health (art. 19). A National Council for Safety of Foodstuffs at the Council of Ministers for the coordination of the state policy for the safety of the foodstuffs shall be established (arts. 34 to 36).
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This Law enters into force on 1 January 2005, except for Art. 53, para 3, which enters into force on 1 January 2006. Last amendments entered into force on 1 January 2018.
Consolidated as 17 November 2017.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Bulgaria 90/1999-92/2017
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