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Act No. 47 of 1992 relative to Salmonids and fresh-water fish and related matters.

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This Act makes provision for the management and conservation of freshwater fish resources and its main aim is to keep fish stocks at a "natural" level.
The Act consists of 50 sections, divided into 12 Chapters, which provide, among other things, for the regulation of: Protection and improvement of fish stocks and biotopes (watercourse development, control of import, re-population, stock enhancement, screens, fish ladders etc; secs. 7-15); Fishing rights (right of landowners, free fishing, fishing on local common land, on government property and on municipal property); Organization and management of watercourses (public funds, order to sell fishing licences, stock enhancement; secs. 25-28); Fishing fund, fees, financing (sects. 29-30); Fishing, open season, use of gear (sects. 33-41).
Section 12 provides for measures in circumstance of acute crises such as serious pollution.
Date of consolidation/reprint
The Norwegian text is a consolidated version of Act No. 47 of 1992 as at 3 March 2011 and amended last by Act No. 100 of 2009.The Act of 6 March 1964 relating to salmon and freshwater fisheries is repealed.
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Lov om laksefisk og innlandsfisk m.v.
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