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Council Directive 92/119/EEC introducing general Community measures for the control of certain animal diseases and specific measures relating to swine vesicular disease.

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This Directive defines the general Community control measures to be applied in the event of an outbreak of one of the diseases listed in Annex I. Member States shall ensure that it is compulsory for the suspected presence of any of the diseases referred to in Annex I to be notified immediately to the competent authority. Once it has been officially confirmed that one of the diseases listed in Annex I is present on a holding, Member States shall ensure that the competent authority will apply measures such as: (a) all animals of susceptible species on the holding shall be killed on the spot, without delay; (b) any substance or waste which is liable to be contaminated, shall be destroyed or treated appropriately; (c) the buildings used for housing animals of susceptible species and all equipment liable to be contaminated shall be cleaned and disinfected; (d) an epizootiological inquiry shall be carried out. Each Member State shall draw up a contingency plan applicable to all the diseases listed in Annex I, specifying the national measures to be implemented in the event of an outbreak of any of these diseases.
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EUR-CELEX Official Journal L 62, 15 March 1993, pp. 69-85.
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