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Marine Living Resources Act (No. 18 of 1998).

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The Act concerns the establisment of continuation of several institutions involved in fisheries management and conservation of marine living resources, for the conservation of marine living resources and the regulation of commercial and local fishing. Local fishing means fishing by South Africans. Commercial fishing includes fishing by foreigners. Part I of Chapter 3 makes provision for fisheries management plans and fishing priority areas. One Part of Chapter 3 is entirely dedicated to high seas fishing. Chapter IV provides for the establishment of marine protected areas. Remaining provisions of the Act concern the use of gear and prohibited activities and law enforcement. Section 81 allows the Minister to exempt anyone from the provisions of this Act if the Minister is of the opinion that there are sound reasons for dong so. (86 sections divided into 8 Chapters and completed by a Schedule containing modifications of other laws)
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An Act to provide for the conservation of the marine ecosystem, the long-term sustainable utilisation of marine living resources and the orderly access to exploitation, utilisation and protection of certain marine living resources; and for these purposes to provide for the exercise of control over marine living resources in a fair and equitable manner to the benefit of all the citizens of South Africa; and to provide for matters connected therewith.
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